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Welcome to the website of journalist and author Monica Porter. It contains a selection of her newspaper and magazine writing over many decades, and information about her books and her life. You can also order her books from Amazon via this site.


12 Cafes


Monica’s beautifully illustrated non-fiction book, A History of Europe in Twelve Cafés  – blending history, travel and café society – will be published in the UK in April by Pen & Sword Books.

Benny and Bobby Versus Adolf - How Two Lab Mice Took on an Evil Empire

Monica’s FIRST FICTION book came out in March 2022

Monica’s middle-grade children’s novel was brought out by C.A.A.B. Publishing, of Chichester.


In Berlin during the Second World War, a pair of white mice are released from their medical laboratory and become the beloved pets of ten-year-old Jewish boy, David Baum. He names them after his twin cousins, Benny and Bobby.
But these are frightening times.
David’s life is in peril, and soon the mice are in danger too, for they live at the centre of Adolf Hitler’s evil empire and must confront it head on.
An unequal fight, to be sure.
And yet, you should never underestimate the feats that even tiny creatures such as Benny and Bobby can pull off … or the trouble they can cause for a dastardly enemy.

Deadly Carousel

Deadly Carousel re-published

Deadly Carousel, Monica’s book about her mother’s heroic rescue of Jewish friends in Nazi-occupied Hungary, has just been re-published by Lume Books in a new, updated edition as an e-book  and POD paperback.

Children Against Hitler

Children Against Hitler published

Monica’s book, Children Against Hitler, was published in 2020 in the UK and US by Pen & Sword Books. It tells the stories of courageous and resilient school children throughout occupied Europe who fought back against Nazi tyranny, and sometimes paid with their lives.