My year of dating dangerously


Monica Porter, a sixty-year-old grandmother, thinks her sex life is over when she is ditched by her long-term partner. But then she joins a dating website, and finds that her age acts as an aphrodisiac to young men who fantasise about older women.

Monica throws caution to the wind, as she embarks on one exciting assignation after the other, having the wildest time of her life. Naturally her sons would be horrified at the risks she takes. But it’s not a problem, as she doesn’t plan to tell them.

But there is another hazard to consider… not to her physical being, but to her psyche. Gradually her year of dating dangerously affects her entire outlook on relationships with men, and not in a good way. How will it all end? And will it have been worth the price?

Witty, funny and full of thoughtful observations about the 21st century dating scene, Monica Porter’s memoir is the first of its kind. Some readers may be shocked by her adventurous year, but most will cheer her gung-ho spirit, and secretly envy her hit rate with London’s cool young dudes!



‘Shocking, refreshing, admirable.’ Daily Mail

‘Admirably frank and unapologetic. Mail on Sunday

‘Thrills, dangers, controversy…zeitgeist-shifting.’ Forbes

‘Monica Porter has kicked up a storm. Good on her.’ Evening Standard

‘Eye-watering.’ Julie Burchill, Spectator

‘A racy account of a sixty-something’s sexual exploits.’ Guardian


Paperback and ebook published by Head of Zeus